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Mothers and Daughters


A portrait series taking a deeper look at the complex relationship.

Each set are being asked the same questions.

1. What is a quality or aspect of your personality you think you share?


2. What is an aspect of your personality you think is most different?


3. What is something you learned from your mother or daughter that you could not have learned from anyone else?


Tomorrow is another day and it can be awesome

Val, Kennedy, Kaitlyn and Kyleigh Jo with lil' sis Kassidy

Val on her daughters


1. Kennedy and I share being very impulsive. Living in that exact moment with little to no forethought for the next hour or day. 

Kaitlyn and I share passion for what we love. Kyleigh Jo and I are both social homebodies. We both like small bursts of socialization but our favorite place is home.


2. Kennedy has a team mentality and I am independently competitive. Kaitlyn is a planner, I couldn't plan the weekend on Thursday. Kyleigh is very creative, whether cooking/ baking,  drawing; I don't have a creative bone in my body.


3. Kennedy is my first born child. She taught me that it was a possibility to love another human being with every fiber of your soul.  Deeper than any romantic love could ever be, that a mother's love for her baby is beyond fierce. Kaitlyn is a genuinely amazing human being, seeing her move into young adulthood spreading her kindness and greatness to all in her path is inspiring. Kyleigh Jo has taught me the difference between real time and true quality time.

Kennedy, Kaitlyn and Kyleigh Jo on Val


1. Kennedy: How strongly opinionated we both are about everything.


Kaitlyn: We are both very passionate about what we believe in.


Kyleigh Jo: Our love of family, family first.


2. Kennedy: I have the ability to think about myself first, she doesn't.


Kaitlyn: I am very organized and methodical, my mom's very "go with the flow."


Kyleigh Jo: Im not good at prioritizing and she has to be.


3. Kennedy: That each one of us is a piece of a gigantic puzzle in this world.  No pieces are exactly the same but for a beautiful picture we all need to come together


Kaitlyn: That it is okay to not be perfect, that tomorrow is another day and it can be awesome.


Kyleigh Jo: You can be your own person. That it is okay to be different from all of your friends.  That different is great.

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