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      Jena Cumbo is a NY based photographer who lives in Rockaway Beach with her husband John and two cats Blane and Sam. Cumbo works out of studio 206 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


She holds a BFA in painting and photography from Hartford Art School and an MFA in photography from SUNY Buffalo. With over fifteen years of experience, she excels at creating imagery that helps to grow audiences. Being both resourceful and tech savy, Cumbo can be relied on to deliver creative concepts and quality work. 


Past clients include:


Cami NYC, SHAPE, Nike Swim, NAMAI, Chromat, Tractenberg & co, Nylon, Cinq A Sept, Milly, Rothschild, BUST, Teen Vogue, The Cut, Paper, LADYGUNN, Richard Prince, Village Voice, Time Out NY, Refinery 29, Oribe, [A]zione PR, Macmillan, Slate Custom, 300 Entertainment, and more.

Past projects & published photography books include:

Mothers and daughters 2018 - 2022

A portrait and interview project, taking a look at the complex, identity framing family relationship. Participants asked:

1. What's a quality or aspect of your personality you think you share with your mother/daughter?

2. What's a quality or aspect of your personality you have that you think is most different than your mother/daughter?

3. What is something you learned from your mother/daughter that you could not have learned from anyone else?

Change Makers published 2020

Photographs and interviews spotlighting over thirty women revolutionizing change from the local to global level; in collaboration with producer Mary Dove, interviewer and writer Camile Sardina, and writer Tira Harpaz.

We Met On The Internet published 2015

Photographs and story synopsis featuring over forty couples who met in a wide variety of ways via the internet; in collaboration with writer Gina Tron.

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