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Mothers and Daughters


A portrait series taking a deeper look at the complex relationship.

Each set are being asked the same questions.

1. What is a quality or aspect of your personality you think you share?


2. What is an aspect of your personality you think is most different?


3. What is something you learned from your mother or daughter that you could not have learned from anyone else?

Patricia and Laura

Patricia on her daughter, Laura

1. We’re focused. Give us a task and we’ll see it through to completion — and that usually means today, rather than tomorrow. We also love being moms. It’s been an incredible joy this year to see Laura and her husband welcome their beautiful little boy to the world. We now live on opposite coasts, but we cherish our time together.

2. My preference for quiet is part of our family lore. Laura thrives in a much livelier atmosphere.

3. I most admire Laura’s self-reliance. It’s among the qualities that have defined her since the first day of Kindergarten. She started her school career with confidence and independence and has added resilience over the years, preparing her to model some wonderful qualities for her son. 


Laura on her mom, Patricia


1. We share a strong work ethic, exceptional organization and attention to detail, a love of reading wonderful (high brow) books and a love of stupid (low brow) movies like Wayne's World & Anchorman. We enjoy a lot of silly inside jokes, nicknames and our own made up words. We show people how much we love them by taking great care of them and through thoughtful actions.


2. My mom is much calmer and more patient than I am. She would never force her ideas on anyone, whereas I feel everything very strongly and have no hesitance about asserting my feelings and opinions. I would like to work to be less judgemental and more like her. 


3. My mom is my role model and hero.

She is so incredibly smart and she works harder than anyone I know. My mom taught me how to love my unique self.

She and my father always made me feel safe and secure and that safety fostered my independence. Her faith in me made me feel like I could do anything.

      Having a baby of my own 5 months ago has made me realize the most valuable things parents can give their children are unconditional love and endless support. I know she would do anything for me. My mom has always been the most supportive of everything I've done, big achievements and small ones. When I hear other people complain about or be annoyed by their moms, I just can't relate...I have never felt that way for a moment. She is perfect. I wish I could hang out with my mom every single day! I love her the most!

...a strong work ethic, exceptional organization and attention to detail...

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