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MoveMent Moments - Scenes from recent workshop

Next Workshop
June 23rd

Limited spots
$150/person discount for June 23rd

Taina Manigat, shot by Cumbo

Kyla Thomas, shot by Cumbo

Do you struggle in front of the camera and want to have more confidence in your body and put your best self forward? This is for you!

This workshop was the brain child of Taina Manigat, Taina is a Nike Well Collective instructor and the Founder of CLUB88, a dance cardio class that promotes community, body positivity and expression through the fusion of movement and music. Throughout her early years it was not easy to say the least to get Taina in front of the camera. Shying away from photos with friends, passing up opportunities that required being in front of the lens and missing out on capturing moments.

As her journey with Nike began she realized “this camera shyness has got to go” not only to further her career but to also capture the beauty of her life, spirit and body! Teaming up with photographers like Jena allowed Taina to get experience in front of the camera. One photo at a time Taina began to shed her fear in front of the camera. Her journey transformed from facing her fear to the mindset “I think I'm ready to get better at this now”.

Through this mindset transition came the idea for Movement Moments: A Workshop.

This workshop is an opportunity for others to shed their fear of the lens, learn about the anatomy of
their body, the fundamentals of movements and how to SLAY in front of the camera! It starts with a focused session in a private photo studio lead by movement coach and trained dancer Kyla Thomas. 
It aims to teach you how movement connects to posing followed by a photo session with Jena Cumbo.

Kyla is a dance artist, movement director and stylist based in Brooklyn. She graduated from New World School of the Arts in 2020 majoring in Dance Studies and that same year moved to New York to further her career. Her love for movement and fashion led her to working more behind the scenes, working in styling, photo assisting and movement direction. She’s contributed to a countless number of brands including Nike, Gently NYC, Kulfi and more.

Jena Cumbo is a NYC based photographer with over 15 years of industry expereince. She holds a BFA in painting and photography from Hartford Art School and an MFA in photography from SUNY Buffalo. An avid fitness enthusiast herself, she has a great appreciation for exercise and excels at capturing movement in and out of the studio. 

What is Movement Moments 

Jena Cumbo, shot by John Ilmoniemi

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