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Mothers and Daughters


A portrait series taking a deeper look at the complex relationship.

Each set are being asked the same questions.

1. What is a quality or aspect of your personality you think you share?


2. What is an aspect of your personality you think is most different?


3. What is something you learned from your mother or daughter that you could not have learned from anyone else?

Donna and Denyse

Donna on her daughter, Denyse


1. I think my compassion for others, family or friends, is something I passed on to my daughter.


2. I believe my tolerance and/or patience is something that my daughter does not have. She wants things done “now --I am content to give it time.


3. Something I have learned from my daughter is that a woman can do just about anything she sets her mind to. 


Denyse on her mother, Donna


1. Unfortunately, the first quality that comes to mind that I think I share with my mother is anxiety. As I get older, I see it more and more. On a positive note, I think that I’m a helper like she is. We both like to help others, to a fault, and just be around the people we love in general. The best quality that I think we share is how emotional and sensitive we crying at commercials sensitive. Hahaha!


2. I think that unlike my mother, I’m more of a risk taker. In terms of stepping outside my comfort zone either physically or verbally. For example, I’m way more likely to stand up for myself or someone else and to try new things than she is.


3. I’ve always felt that the most important aspect of life that she has taught me is self confidence. 

I think it came from her unbiased, motherly love rather than by example because I don’t think she has the highest sense of self confidence, which is unfortunate because she’s an amazing woman. I wish she saw herself as others do.

A woman can do just about anything she sets her mind to.

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