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Mothers and Daughters


A portrait series taking a deeper look at the complex relationship.

Each set are being asked the same questions.

1. What is a quality or aspect of your personality you think you share?


2. What is an aspect of your personality you think is most different?


3. What is something you learned from your mother or daughter that you could not have learned from anyone else?

Deb and Remy

Deb on her daughter, Remy


1. We both love to entertain! Remy and I are happiest in the kitchen preparing food for friends and loved ones — thanksgiving is our favorite holiday, and we love to spend days planning and cooking it together. We’ve had years where 50 people showed up!  

2. She’s braver than I am.. in all things!

3. Unconditional love! She was my first child, and that kind of love was a new start in my life. 

Remy on her mother, Deb


1. Our sense of humor! I can send my mom very niche jokes, and she gets it. I like to think I get my strength from her. She’s so tough. I think we also both had to adapt to a world that was designed to press women. We share a creative tenacity in navigating it to thrive.

2. I’m so much more timid than my mom! She is a force. When I need to feel strong I try to talk like her. I hear her voice in my head and parrot it.

3. That it’s sometimes necessary to break the rules, and you are lovable no matter how many rules you break. How society values beauty, and how destructive that is…how to work with what I have and not lament what I don’t.

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