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Mothers and Daughters


A portrait series taking a deeper look at the complex relationship.

Each set are being asked the same questions.

1. What is a quality or aspect of your personality you think you share?


2. What is an aspect of your personality you think is most different?


3. What is something you learned from your mother or daughter that you could not have learned from anyone else?

Ana and Sofie

Ana on her daughter Sofie


1. Sofie and I share a desire to make people laugh. We also love being cozy - very into the "Hygge" craze, making spaces comfortable and beautiful. Sofie and I are both emotional people, something I used to consider a weakness but have realized is a strength. We are also both sensual people - we love to smell every flower and touch every fabric.


2. She's much more independent, brave, extroverted, and confident. The other side of that coin is that Sofie feels very entitled sometimes, which I don't always think is a bad thing. Sometimes I need to push myself to get what I truly deserve, while Sofie just expects it. I can see her attitude helping her in her career. Another difference is that I can't sit still, while Sofie is a naturally sedentary person. I'm always puttering around, cleaning, fussing...Sofie is more likely to relax until she HAS to get up for something. Like a cat. I'm more of a mouse. 


3. I had Sofie when I was so young, at 21. The night she was born, I stared into her eyes and said "I'm the me, and you're the you," over and over. Ironically, becoming a young mother helped me become myself more than I think I could have done on my own. As a teenager, I was very wrapped up in my own emotions and depression. Sofie gave me a reason to pull myself together and be a good mother - she taught me strength and endurance. I really feel like she helped form the person I've become.

Sofie on her mom, Ana

1. My mom and I are both extremely creative. It has some serious pitfalls - we are extremely emotional and take hits very hard, but on the bright side, we see the beauty in life and we can curate some pretty golden comedy.


2. My mom is a people pleaser and I am not. I am not as concerned with satisfying the people around me. There are also pros and cons to that, but ultimately I believe it makes me strong and independent. She is also strong and independent but she would sacrifice a lot, perhaps more than she should, to make others happy. 


3. My mom taught me how to navigate life without letting it kick your ass. She always has the right advice for what I need to do, it just depends on if i am smart enough to listen or not. No one else could teach me like that because no one is as close to me, no one is as similar. She also taught me how to make really good zucchini bread and some valuable sewing tips.


I’m the me and you’re the you.

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